Hurricane Irene

Lying on my comfy bed,

I curl up into a ball

To protect myself from the

Menacing cold air,

Which continues to exude

A hint of… impending danger,

Of… death, lurking ‘round the corner.


Held captive by insomnia,

I glance out the window,

To the chaotic world outside:

A world that’s being turned

Upside down, by the

Ruthless hurricane.


Mighty winds continue to assault the

Defenseless and vulnerable trees

And anything else that happens to

Stand in the way.


Hostile rain continues to violate the

Virgin land, which lies utterly exposed

To imminent sadism and brutality,

Without any protections.


Little by little, the ruthless hurricane

Feeds on any forms of life

To satisfy its insatiable hunger

And its voracious lust,

While I, hiding in my bed,

Witness its atrocious act.




Lake House,

-Irene P.

Fading Memories

The rain beats down

On the rooftop ahead,

Singing an aria

Of sorrow,

While mourning for

My impending death.


With my hands

Gently resting on

My thighs, I sway

My body forward

And backward on

The rocking chair,

Thinking when I will

Exhale my last



Little by little,

I can feel it:

The cancerous cell,

That continues to metastasize

In my body, eating my memories

Of you away, leaving nothing

But hollowness



Our distant past—

Yes, we did share a past


Gradually succumbs

To the invasive acid rain

And begins to

Erode away.


The laughers we had shared—

Oh, how much I miss those

Carefree and joyous moments

Running around in the meadow,

Chasing each other with

Handfuls of flower pedals,

Waging a “flower” fight,

Rolling on the grass,

Staring up to the sky

That hovers over us,

And whispering words

Of affection to one and another—

Are now gone.


The rain beats down

On the rooftop ahead,

Singing an aria

Of sorrow,

While mourning for

My impending death.


I rise up,

From my rocking chair,

And advance ever so slowly

To the backyard of my hut.


I stand under the heavy rain,

Allowing the rain to cleanse

My body and soul,

To wash away all memories

I still hold… of you.


Then, the time has come.

I slowly lift up my head

And let loose of my ponytail,

So that my drenched hair

Can cascade freely,

Down the tender flesh

Of my neck.


A smile escapes me,

As the acid rain

Eats me alive,

Along with my fading


Of you.



And take care,

My one and only


*Written on 7/28/2011 (PST)